What is Softwashing

Softwashing is a method of cleaning exterior surfaces. If done correctly it is both safe and environmentally responsible.

Basically put Softwashing is the removal of dirt, residues, organic growth, or atmospheric pollutants, from a hard surface, without using brute force cleaning techniques that can risk damage.  It primarily uses biocidal chemicals, surfactants, water, and steam, to attain results, as opposed to aggressive surface agitation or pressure washing. It can be used to clean any exterior surface.

Every trade has a history, and Softwashing is no different. It was first developed in the USA in the 1990s as a means to remove persistent organic staining from roofs and building substrates. High pressure cleaning, or scrubbing, was not effective, or damaged the surfaces. Biocidal applications proved much more effective and gentle, and also used less resources. As a consequence the industry grew quickly, and from the US the trade made its way to continental Europe, the UK, and Ireland.

The rapid economic growth has attracted many companies and individuals into the industry. While this competition allows demand to be met it does not always ensure quality, and more importantly safety and environmental responsibility. The rise of so-called ‘bleach bandits’, who illegally spray sodium hypochlorite, or other hazardous substances, without adequate regard.  

This website is non-commercial and educational. It aims to educate the consumer so an informed decision can be made to select a safe supplier. It will also outline the technical considerations, and their cost impacts, so that consumers can avoid incurring avoidable expenses and the ‘rip-off’. 

This website will answer the following questions. 

What Equipment is used for softwashing?

What chemicals are used for softwashing?

What chemicals can be legally and safely used for Softwashing? 

Is Softwashing safe for the environment

Can softwashing chemicals be used for other purposes such as pest or weed control?

How long will Softwashing last?

How long will Softwashing take to work?

What is DDAC biocide?

How do you Softwash a hard surface safely?

When is Softwashing better than pressure washing?

How much should Softwashing cost?

We will also give a breakdown and guide to cleaning render, roofs, cladding, pebbledash, concrete, brickwork, resin bound floors, metal, chewing gum removal, graffiti removal, stonework restoration and cleaning.